Jaguar Paint Correction: Polishing a Turd

My 1977 Jaguar was certainly a looker, with its long hood and low proportions,  tires filling up the wheel wells and the unique flying buttress design in the rear. But for this it did have one glaring flaw: the paint was utter garbage. Oxidized to within an inch of its life and cracking all over

I bought a 40 year old Jaguar and drove it to Oklahoma

There are two generally agreed-upon rules when it comes to buying a used car on Craigslist: don’t buy someone else’s project, and don’t buy an old Jag. In typical fashion, I have just bought an old Jag that was somebody else’s project and then road-tripped it to Oklahoma to visit my grandmother. Clearly there was

The Never-Dead Article: Why Chevy Avalanche Owners Are Still Asshats

There’s a lot of pressure put on your first time.  It’s supposed to be a special moment that you prepare for and cherish for all your life.  Often in reality, it’s a rather forgettable experience that comes and goes far too soon. And for that really unlucky high school girl, it’s a moment that she’ll remember