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The Crapcan Miata Part 2 — I Prefer Duck Sauce

The term “rice” is an interesting phenomenon. Originating as the phrase “rice burner” it referred to, with hardly-subtle racial undertones, Japanese motorcycles that were modified garishly in an attempt to convey the idea of higher performance than the cycle was actually capable of. Eventually it changed to refer to Japanese cars as well, and then

Why I Fly

It’s 4:05 PM on a beautiful Thursday afternoon in Wichita, KS.  I’m sitting in seat 23A on an Embraer ERJ-145 watching YouTube videos while I wait for us to push back from the gate to head south to Houston, TX.  We were supposed to leave at 3:05.  We boarded at 3:30. ‘The maintenance crew should

Loud, not Fast

Loud, not Fast is a feature where we highlight the unmentionable of the car world; the cars whose exhaust volumes are at significant odds with their lack of power.  This week on Loud, not Fast, we’re featuring a 1998 Ford Ranger with a custom Thrush glasspack exhaust With an absolutely insane 150hp, the extremely loud