Video: Oil Pan Gasket and Steering Bushings on V8-swapped Jaguar XJ-S


After spinning a rod bearing I rebuilt the engine in my ’77 Jaguar project car to find oil pouring out from underneath it. Quickly I ascertained that the car would not be daily-drivable in this condition and bought a one-piece oil pan gasket. As well, there was a ton of slop in the steering that made controlling the car difficult at best, and downright dangerous at worst.

After dropping the exhaust mid-pipes and the steering rack I was able to access the majority of the oil pan bolts with a variety of extensions and large and small to get the oil pan free of its confines. Unfortunately there was not enough clearance between the subframe and the engine to pull the oil pan all the way out so the motor mount bolts had to come out and a screw jack under the crank pulley lifted the engine skyward enough to wiggle the oil pan out, clean off the mating surfaces, and slap it back in with the new gasket.

Leaks solved? Not quite, but it does sound pretty excellent with open headers.

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