The Thunderturd

This is my car, I drive it every day. One may call it my daily driver, or the Thunderturd, or The Raven. Some have even gone as far to call it the Ricebird. The Thunderturd is a 1995 MN12 Ford Thunderbird LX V8 equipped with a very basic 4.6 Modular and a 4r70w 4 speed automatic transmission. It’s not all that fast yet, but damn is it comfortable. it even had all power everything at one point but 90’s electronics have failed me.

It has undergone some minor work such as a rear gear swap from a 3.58 Ford 8.8 to a 4.10 Ford 8.8, all around coil overs and a suspension lower, 17 inch wheels, Nitto 555 ZR rear tires and Goodride SA07’s in the front, some very minor engine work (nothing that would better the power), a Custom BAC 91 octane Tune, a NOS line from the trunk to the engine bay with not actual NOS kit anymore, replacement OEM break rotors and calipers, stock rear drum breaks, and some replacement interior pieces.

My vision for the car is to make it fast while maintaining the looks of being a car my Grandpa would drive, endgame would be a Lincoln Intech 4.6, Eaton M90 supercharger, 5.76 rear end gears, a Ford 9 inch rear end, decent paint, decent wheels, pacesetter longtube headers, a full 3 inch exhaust with an H pipe, Flowmaster or Borla street mufflers, and a new, not ratted out, interior.

~Alex S

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